Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lloydminster - The First of the Triacta

Well, the first trial of the little whirlwind is finished. Had to work in Wetaskiwin, so I left from there and got to Lloyd just before the pro-novice class started. I had been working on Creed and his flanks, and was feeling pretty confident. That confidence lasted 30 seconds. I wonder if there is a blood test for dyslexia! Maybe I will have to change his whistles or something - or maybe I should just get off his back a bit. We didn't get into the pro-novice finals (congratulations to Judy Finseth and Luke who won it), but he did win the buckle for the series they held during the summer - working cattle and two sheep arena trials - guess he wasn't all that bad.
The course was like a test off of Survivor - with a judged pen at the end. Word is that it will be the same for Agribition in Regina - can't wait (can you sense the sarcasm?)
Once again I got the bubble award - Gin missed getting into the finals by 1 point, and Fly was right behind her. Had a rip roaring run with each of them for one run apiece, but then handler error stepped in for the next run. Poor dogs. However, Gin did get the Open Buckle for the Lloydminster Series - I should not be in any fear of losing any pants around my ankles.
For the open class, a calcutta was held, and the final total for the 5 dogs (Peter Gonnet and Dot, Jeff Demarni and Eddie, Judy Finseth and Maude, Jaimie VanRyn and Linc and Lisa Wright and Hope) got $2500. A big whopping $1000 would go to the dog and handler, and $1250 would go to the sponsor. Peter brought close to $1000, the favorite it seemed, and Lisa fetched around the $300 mark. I was sitting thinking either Lisa/Hope or Jaimie/Linc would be the dark horse for this race. I almost was going to bid, but everyone else seemed to have won the lottery or something. If Jaimie would have settled down, and settled the sheep like she was supposed to, she would have won the whole thing in under 1 minute! (And it is okay if I write this, since I told this to her after her run). Lisa and Hope were the first to go - with her husband's family in the stands - and she set the bar at full points in 1:14. Jeff and Judy had some problems, so it was left to Peter and Dot. He got her done in 1:05, however, had a slight problem (1 point deduction) at the pen, so that allowed Lisa and Hope to win it all. Yipeeee!!!!!
She is my new best friend. This may be changed at the next trial (ASDA Arena Finals in Mayerthorpe)- it may be Louanne and Isla winning it, or Corey Perry and Ben, or possibly Wayne Roberts and his new bitch from Wales. Yes, I am fickle.

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