Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Fat Zero

Zippo, zilch, nada....today wasn't a good day. Creed was the only one with two pens, and 6 minutes plus wasn't going to cut it to get into the top 10, not that I would have liked to put him in that 10 foot deep end pool. Gin got a pen in 2:03 - which should be about 3 USBCHA points in this trip. I do believe Fly got more points than her in Mayerthorpe - great for a dog who won't be running any finals anymore.
The big winners today was Dale Montgomery - taking 1st with Zip, and 2nd with Ben, and then Ed Hunter and Justice getting third. The other top ten dogs to get to play was Carol Nelson and Jess, Louanne Twa with Isla and Meg, Carl Sneddon and Fan, Corey Perry and Ben, Jan Douthwaite and Nick, and Thad Buckler and Trax.
Maybe we can redeem ourselves in Agribition - but I am not holding my breath. If I did, I would be the most deepest shade of blue that could be imagined.

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