Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Day Off To Catch Up

Since I took of the summer, I am paying for it greatly - I am working many days in a row and a lot of weekends. Because of this, this prevents me from doing what I enjoy doing, partly due because of the extended hours of work, and partly because of the light at the end of the day - which there isn't much of. Now there is a kennel of dogs not getting the work they need. I had one day off today (I forced myself to) and did a little sheep work. Counted sheep I did, and counted them before I nodded off. The rams got out yesterday and I wanted to keep them back for a few weeks longer for spring lambs - brought Creed out, and I believe some sense was knocked into him, by the help of one of the rams who proceeded to drill him into the ground. I think Creed wondered what train had hit him, and when he figured that out, Mr. Ram had a tuning in of sorts.
Sheep are counted and sorted, and now there are a few hours of light - so will try to bring all the young dogs out to do a little work, and decide who will be staying. Over the summer we had in increase in dog numbers, and that is wearing on my patience. Today Anne went to Ontario, and it looks like that will be a great fit. We have a few pups that didn't go, so there are those to tend to, just because they are here, doesn't mean they don't have to mind their manners. But boy, there are a lot of manners to learn.

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