Monday, November 8, 2010

What Happens In Mayerthorpe, Stays In Mayerthorpe

Well, after one day of work, I headed out to the ASDA finals - Saturday we stopped at Corey Perry's to do some brush up for Creed, and Louanne Twa and Penny Caster had stopped by as well and did some pre-trialing exercises. Mayerthorpe was the location for the ASDA Arena Finals - at Bohnet's Arena. The weather was perfect for November, it could have been a lot colder. A wee party was held in room 123 on Saturday night with hostess with the mostest, Louanne Twa. Basically it was talking dogs, and Penny, Louanne and myself moulding the newcomers Anita and Clint Ashton into the ASDA family. I think our corruption tactics worked -with the help of Bud(weiser). With the ASDA Arena Finals 2010 now in the history books, my new best friend (okay, he was a friend already) is Thad Buckler and his dog Nic. The sheep were fast (barbados) and equal for all. Top ten dogs got in (Fly and Gin were in there as well) and there was about 30 seconds between 8th spot and 1st. Now they are going to be loaded up and send on to Edmonton for Farmfair International. Guaranteed the sheep will be just as good again.
Creed actually surprised me for the first run, his dyslexia disappeared, but quickly reappeared the second day (I wonder if there is a Rosetta Stone for Flanks created yet). Fly and Gin ran pretty good - times were quick, and literally it could be a step out of place to cost seconds out of your run. I think Fly had the fastest chute time at the sudden death, but the pen killed me (they decided they didn't want to run into it). Oh well, that is dog trialing. All the people that were at the ASDA finals will be at Northlands, as well as those from Lloydminster (including the reigning champion, Lisa Wright and her dog Hope- my previous best friend).
Penny Caster has opened her home to me (and Louanne) for Edmonton - very appreciated. As well is appreciated, is the use of Penny's computer so I can do this blog. Hopefully there will be a repeat blog tonight.

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  1. LOL! Can't wait to hear who your new BFF will be after Northlands. If you win ... will you be your own BFF?