Saturday, November 27, 2010

Changes in Life

Life tends to throw you curves. We have just hit a speed curve, and need to slow down so we don't go over the edge. Chris and I are in the process of finding a ranch in Saskatchewan to move to - the family farm has been sold, and things will have to be in order in a few months. So, one of the many things that will have to find order is our dog situation - we have to really cut down on our dogs. I may have to throw in a pup with the purchase of every dog - two for one deal! The jury is still out, I may not be able to do any dog trialing next year - in the meantime, I will still put my entries in hoping for the best.
I haven't had a major move in my life close to 20 years ago - I have a feeling this won't be any fun. I will let you know when the garage sale is - give me an offer! If I don't have to pack it, the better it will be.


  1. Oh Wendy! well when we get shocking news in the South ;-) we swallow hard and then politely your hair....bless your heart!


  2. Holy Moly Wendy. That is a bombshell! Alberta's loss will be Saskatchewan's gain (well, SK will just be getting you back!). It's not like it's the end of the earth, so hopefully we'll still see plenty of you and Chris.

  3. Was it the Corb Lund song that did it?? Long Gone to Saskatchewan

  4. hey wendy, it's Kiara... are you putting any horses in the garage sale? I'm looking for one, or 2, or even 3...