Monday, November 8, 2010

Farmfair International -Day 1

Fifty dogs, 4 sheep, 4 minutes and 1 pen. I would have thought after using the sheep on the weekend, the penning would have been a non-issue. However, it was an issue, at least for me. I did get two pens, albeit slow - Creed got 3:58, and Fly got 3:28. Gin had a great (rather grating on my nerves) ewe that wanted to stomp her into the ground. Was able to prevent her from gripping, and we timed out at the pen. I am not sure how many pens there were, but I think there has to be a few non-pens tomorrow for me to get ahead. In the end, it doesn't matter, with the caliber of dogs at the trial, it is anyone's game.
Saw a few people I didn't see before, always nice to see new people and dogs coming out. Makes the handler have to try harder to get ahead, one has to be on their toes at all times. It is truly becoming a sport that is not being won by the same guy all of the time. It is a humbling sport - as they say, from hero to zero in one run.
Penny made a wonderful chili for us tonight (does anyone have Tums - no just kidding). We are going to let some digestion occur, and then fare the outdoors for the blizzard. Okay, it hit 7 degrees today, chance of precipitation is nil, but the chance of a mudslide blizzard is 100%.

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