Monday, March 14, 2011

Signs of Spring (Finally)

Finally, 6pm arrives and it isn't nestled in darkness. Could the dog days of summer be coming around the corner?
No, it is just a bunch of dogs around the corner!

The sun is finally shining, the days are getting longer, and cabin fever is at the highest. Slush is one of my favorite things in the springtime. But you know what happens when spring arrives, the birds and bees also come.

Gin has been hit by the birds and the bees (aka Don (Juan)). Or, she has swallowed a huge watermelon.

She has about 14 days left, how many are there, she only knows.

That doesn't stop her from running with the rest of the crew in the warm weather.
Treasures are found in the ditch - sticks, cans, you name it. Wish they would find a pot of gold.

Creed possibly could have been a search and rescue dog.

Frantically he worked his way through the drift to find the prize.

Gin also had to help, even in her condition.
In the end, the stick was saved. Will probably have to save that same stick tomorrow.

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