Thursday, March 17, 2011

There Is Nothing Logical About It

I had to slip into Airdrie today to get a couple things signed by a lawyer (notaries public). I have to have proof I have a degree in veterinary medicine-one of the requirements to become a Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association member- so I brought my copy of the degree, and all my identification. Apparently, the original copy has to be seen. Never mind that I have all of my identification - driver's license, SIN, birth certificate and passport. I also have proof that I am a current member of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Do they really think I made a fake degree? I took logics in university - I don't think that lawyers and those that make the rules had to. Logically speaking - if a. there is a copy of a degree, and b. there is proof of being a veterinarian through membership of the national organization then c. that person must have had received a degree. I did receive a degree, and it wasn't out of a Kracker Jack box! Needless to say, I will be in the lawyer's office again tomorrow with the original degree. Sometimes, logic just doesn't make sense to some.

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