Friday, March 25, 2011

Yet More Dogs

Our place has increased the population again. Gin had 6 pups - all males - guess she didn't read the book about 50% males and 50%females. Of course, I am stuck in Wetaskiwin, wondering what they look like, so there won't be any pictures until next week. I would say it is good timing on her part - when the pups are ready to go, we will be heading off to the Bluegrass, possibly with one of the pups in tow.
Planning these days for Calvin Jones to come for a clinic at our place (soon to be past place) in early May. Have quite a few people and their dogs signed up. He is going to stay and help us move as well - I guess he kind of owes us - he is the guy that drove the tractor into our truck's radiator. I thought leprechauns were a source of money, not a cost of money. He is going to come with Louanne and myself to the Bluegrass - he is supposed to be on his best behaviour, but I won't be holding my breath.
The snow is still piled high - am very jealous of those who can work their dogs. It does look like I will be training on the field with Flossy. She is bound for the Bluegrass, and I think her ass will be grass. Oh well, it will help me to be humble.

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