Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back From Travels

Well, it was an eventful time the last two weeks - and since I had to quickly travel back to work, I have not had time to put up any pictures yet. It may look I have lost my little blue chip containing the Bluegrass trip - and really I did go - maybe I will find it when I clean out Dora (the Explorer). The travel started with the Big One in Bowman - I got in just as they were finishing the first few who ran the first night - I had a chance to run on that day, but decided not to. Stupid me - with the wind in the back, it turned out to be the best day to run. The wind decided to turn 180 degrees and blow right into your face. Hearing was a feat to say the least. It is a really good test of your dog's ability, the sheep can be challenging, and the supper the Kerrs put on is to die for. Then it was off to Joni Swanke's trial (Bowman Classic) - once again the wind blew, but there was one day I could put on the shorts. I worked like a rented mule for the trial, since Joni let me stay in the dog kennel. Wake up was 5 am every morning, with the clanking of the dog dishes (the dogs played with the dishes). In the end, Gin got in the double lift, and finished fairly well. Canadians in total did quite well - on one day, out of the 9 payouts, the Canadians took 6 paying spots. Room to improve I guess. After the trial, I made it home - that is the new home - in Mankota, Saskatchewan. A post office box was obtained in McCord - mostly because of the huge library that is in the town (okay, the library consists of a single book rack, but the selection is to die for). I have to say, Chris did a good job in choosing the location - I hadn't seen the place before, and it it fantastic. Granted, it is a year in which there has been a lot of rain, and the green grass is plentiful. We are right against the US border, and will likely be smuggling in Mexican Midgets in the near future for my nephew. It was a good opportunity to work the dogs on the cows, since we had to brand. The cows got worked, and the calves got branded with the help of our new neighbors. A job at the local vet clinic was found in Mankota, and a new phone number (yes there are phones) was obtained. Don't try to call our cells though - there is no service at all. Smoke signals may work however. Coming home, was a slight fiasco - it had rained a little, and I decided to try the unimproved road for a short cut - smooth move Exlax - it was Mankota Mud Bog at it's best. I do believe I have about 30 pounds of extra soil on my vehicle, and a huge shudder of the vehicle when the odometer went to 98km/hour. Needless to say, it was a very long ride back home and to work. After 10 hours of sleep, I feel much better. I must start resting up for my next adventure.


  1. Right on the US border huh? You might become our favorite stopover on our tours.

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  3. I am relieved to hear you are pleased with your new Saskatchewan Kingdom that you have purchased el don Wendy. I was wondering if you need to write up that young little red ridding hood from the Sasktel ads regarding your cellular service. Gainer the fish assured me that they can offer you many bundles. I sure hope you won't have to rely on homing pigeons. I hear you may be charged international roaming fees if those birds stray over to the USA side...or they bugger off to California for the winter. Shoot, you might send off a bird-mail and I wouldn't get it until spring! Anyways, Congrats on the new place; sad to see you move so far away.