Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tiger Woods, Eat Your Heart Out!

Well, after a hiatus, I went golfing with Shawna and Erin from work last night - ladies night!!. It is a good reason to go and have a good walk, do some bush whacking, and get close with nature - you know, riverbanks, streams and tall bush. Being about the 4th time ever golfing, and having found Mr. Daly's golf clubs, I am proud to say, some of the holes were less than 2 times par. So my handicap, I believe, is myself and my sore shoulder this morning. I unfortunately lost all my pink balls that I had won previously (maybe they will repackage them and give them as a draw prize next week). Only once did I have to yell "Fore (God's sake, get out of the way)" to Shawna - she was Tiger Woodsing it on the green and lying down for a perfect putt, about 8 feet away. I, being farther away from the hole, tried to make the hole....Shawna had to move quickly, or she would have lost an eye. You know what they say, it isn't fun until someone loses an eye!!

After a nightcap, and after we won our prizes (me a free round, and Shawna the longest putt award - poor Erin only won the empty Barcardi bottles-better luck next time!), I found the perfect driver cover for any dog trialer.......

...the ewe cover, for those with Baaaad rounds. All I need is to find a border collie head, and I will be decked out. I guess I will have to get a season's pass for Mankota Golf Course. A few gopher holes and some surveyor's markers, and a golf course it will be!!


  1. George Stambulic bought Scott a border collie driver cover!

  2. Thanks Jenny! Now I will have a perfect set!!