Monday, June 6, 2011

Bowman Bound

Well, I have been in Bowman for the last 4 days, I think, in reality it feels like 4 weeks. We started of the trial frenzy with the Big One - 700 yard plus outrun, wind in your face, and ewes that ran like antelope-which one competitor's dog tried to do - Antelope 1 Dog 0. Big screaming scores were obtained there, like Gin's 15/100 ('WHAT THE HECK!!!). They should rename the trial - the Big Humbling One. There is a double lift at the end of the Slash J, so the combination of your 3 best scores will be the determining factor. Gin and I just finished our second run at the Slash J - felt not too bad, didn't get the pen, but with the 6th place score at the Slash J (score 69), hopefully this run will allow us to play tomorrow.
I have been helping a lot at this trial - since Jonie has been gracious enough to let me stay (or crazy enough), I have been getting up earlier than her chickens, and helping with the set out. Between the chapped lips and the chapped back of my butt for riding, the days have been full. Of course, we have to stop and have socializing at times-which is most important in the trial atmosphere. I possibly should have had increased my stock shares of Budweiser shares this week - maybe next trial I will do that.
As far as my younger dogs have done - Creed did not too terribly bad at the Big One - just getting the sheep is a feat in itself - however, he must have lost his head somewhere between there and Slash J - first run he didn't find the sheep, second time I had to help him immensely - but finally finished the course. Floss - the youngster - made me feel older as I ran her. We walked off all three times - the first time, she was giving me the royal flip, the second time she ran, she crossed over, and seemed to be going not to bad until the post where she decided not to hear again, and then the last time, she crossed yet once again, and proceeded to get the sheep back to the set out. As they say, back to the chalkboard. Last night, we had a night of good camaraderie, and food by Amanda the cook. Singing followed with Jean Gellings and Bud Budroe until a bouncer stopped the antics. The bouncer was Stormy Winters, and he sure did bounce off the ground after an afternoon of toddies. If anyone has a spare liver lobe, I think he needs one.
The weather here has been everything from blowing and cold, rainy and cold, hot and buggy, and hot and windy. There is not enough Oil of Olay to help the snake skin that is on my face at the moment. After I get back home to , there will be a branding to contend with. I promise there will be pictures -they say a picture is worth a thousand words - almost like this entry!

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