Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Didn't Happen To Me - Thank God

So today, with all the rain, I would say it is quite nipply. Speaking about nipples, my friend relayed this story to me - look out for those fences!

"So the other day I thought I would put on my push up and divide bra, you know improve the silohette, well was that ever a bad idea when you have to work with electric fence!!!! I needed to lean over some farm fence to unhook the power. Well to my dismay the power was touching the farm fence and guess what touched the fence. Yes, I nearly fried my nipples off. Who really cares if your boobs are pushed up and divided hey. I had a few laughs after caressing my boobs for a minute or two. Man that hurt. Fried Nipples Naomi"

Wonder if it would be the same effect on fake boobs? Sounds like an episode for Mythbusters.

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