Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's Backtrack

Okay, we will once again go back in time and a review of the World Trial trip.

Before going to the trial, I was able to get Gin working some sheep in Yorkshire. Notice the sunshine - that was to be a distant memory in just a few days.

I was really confident in that Gin could handle any sheep that was to be given to her in couple of days.
After working Clarkson's sheep (the people I stayed with when I first arrived in England), Gin and I made our way to one more farm trial prior to our trip to Cumbria and the World Trial.

Brick walls everywhere - there is even a college to teach people how to put up brick walls.

Micheal Gallagher and Cap (2010 Supreme Champion) was at this trial along the coast as well, sharpening his already sharp skills.

This trial field was used by many of the World competitors that day. I learned a little Dutch that day.

We drove one last time to Yorkshire, counting the hours (okay, I counted the hours, Gin just slept) until the World Trial festivities.

The next chapter of this saga will be soon.

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