Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Slowly Moving To Saskatchewan

So our move to Saskatchewan has been slow - our cows have been there longer than I have. I think I have slept a total of a week there, my cats a week more, and Chris since June. The last trip I made down, I had brought my cats, and a trailer load of dog kennels and the ducks. I made the ducks at home with their new pen, and set up the dog kennels - finally they will have runs - hopefully one day there will be a building associated with them, but for the time being good old Saskatchewan straw dog houses will have to do.
I thought that with the move and the slow pace of Saskatchewan live, there would be less stories to tell - that is not going to be the case. I had gone to South Dakota to judge a couple of trials, and the flight was going to be a day after the trial was over. Changing the flight would mean costing more than the original flight, and it thankfully worked out that I could come back with Stormy Winters. He brought me to their house in Neville, Saskatchewan and after Chris and I had supper, we went home. I was welcomed by the mewing of one of my cats, who had decided she was small enough to crawl into a hole that was meant for a dryer duct. All that stuck out was her head, and she couldn't get any further. It was like a mini calving with the legs back. It took a little time, but I yanked on Potsy, pulling her front legs out of the hole at the same time with her head. I was about to pour some lubrication on her, but finally she popped out - the hole is now covered.
It hasn't taken long for the neighbours to discover there are new residents on the place. Day one the big bag of cat food was eaten, day two all the ducks except a few feathers were left. On the third day, they thought the duck feed was good as well. Yes, the bandits have arrived. I do believe my Jack Russells and I will go coon hunting soon - that will have to wait until I finally come back to reside at our new place, which should be in early November. Up to that time, there will be a trip to Paxton Valley for a dog trial, a trip to Wetaskawin to work (and actually for a well deserved rest). Hope the weather will stay good for moving - what the heck am I thinking - I will have a better chance winning the lottery than expecting November to be nice! However, October has been quite balmy. I guess time (which is quickly going by) will tell.

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