Friday, October 28, 2011

The Semifinals For Some, Spectating For Others

So after it was all done, all competitors came to the tent to evaluate their scores. For the outrun, lift and fetch Gin had 6 (per judge) off (thinking about it now, I shouldn't have said anything to Gin on the outrun, and she would have done it right by herself), a big 15 off of the drive, 3 off of the first shed, 4 off of the pen (yes had a wee bit of trouble) and 5 off of the last shed for a total of 77. At least I can say I finished, did not DQ or have to retire. The rest of the days of the World Trial would be of me and Penny Caster watching from the sidelines.

And the sidelines were wet. The grandstands were not able to have covering due to a huge windstorm as they were setting up the venue. Penny and I had to stand and watch the fun had by the semifinalists.

Singing in the rain.

Slipping in the mud.

I was sure glad I had packed my Muckboots along.

Within the venues, it was like a lake.

That didn't stop the shoppers though.

The true die hard fans of sheepdog trialing came to watch the semifinals.

Everyday there was television broadcast of trial on BBC. The big thing was whether Aled Owen would pull a hat trick. By the end of the day, he, along with 25 others, would have to be just happy with the semifinals.

Luckily Penny and I found these umbrellas in the place we were staying at - and they came in very useful.

If it had been warmer, I probably would have ventured to the bar, but the Hold My Lager Tour was to remain quite dry, in terms of drinking that is.

There was other things to watch as well, such as lure coursing.

The birds of prey were out, praying to get off their perches.

The venue would have been great, if the weather would have cooperated.

Going to the loos were quite slushy.

Thank God for the metal plank way they had laid down, without it, there would have been a world cup downhill mudding course on at the same time.

This beetle car was most popular, selling the fancy coffees.

But the show went on, and the semifinalists went through their paces for the crowd.

The theme of the day was good rain gear and...

....good attitudes.

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