Friday, October 28, 2011

Not the Gay Pride Parade

One of the big things for the World Trial was the parade. All the competitors loaded up into buses and headed their way down to Penrith.

The Canadians were in full force. MaryLou was parade marshall (well, not really, but it looked as if she was barking orders). Kathy Keats was flag bearer since she was tallest.
Jennifer Larivee and I made up the rest of the crew. I had a yellow jacket so that I could be found. A yellow corn between the roses.

We walked through the town of Penrith, the streets being closed down for our homage.

There were spectators from around the world. I was ready for Ben Mulroney from Entertainment Canada to come out to interview us. But alas, he was not there.

The bobbies were in full force to direct traffic.

I and Gin helped him stop the traffic.

It felt like we were in a mile long parade.

This was the band that toured us through the town.

After the parade, I went back to have a meal on roast hog.

On the left side of the picture you can see part of the orchestra that played while we ate.

One more sleep, and the World Trial would begin!!!

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