Thursday, September 29, 2011

She's Back....Well, Almost

Yes, she is back...the world traveller and her handler. It was almost not to be that case though. First of all, I spent a little time "sightseeing" on the country roads. Yup, I would wonder if I could find myself out of a paper bag sometimes. We dropped of the car, and after noting that it wasn't my fault that it rained in Britain, and that the car being a little dirty was not that big of a deal, Gin and I got to the airport. I went to check Gin in and then found out I had forgotten to phone the airline for a spot for her. This is the point where I got a little emotional....yes, I cried...I admit it...bawled like a baby. After the service lady told me, " It'll be all right love", things did get rosier. Things worked out, and Gin could get on the plane. They told me to let her have a walk first, and then come back about 1 hour prior to the flight back home. This I did, and after 20 minutes, Gin was through security and I made myself to the gate - I believe it was Z 1000. I looked at where it was to be, and it said "20 minute walk". Crap, seeing I was about 30 minutes from the plane taking off, I hoofed it to the end of the airport. I was one of the last ones on, but I got on. Good bye UK, it was a blast!! Hope to come again soon.
Nine hours later, and not really sleeping, the eagle landed. The plan was to get Calvin and drive to Saskatchewan for the clinic that was planned. Seven hours drive, it would be okay. By the time we set out to go, it was 7 pm (which was 2 am in my jet lag world). But the trip was not to be. I was supposed to bring the truck and trailer, but it was dead to the world. Even boosting it and trying to pull start it did not work. It was decided to cancel the clinic, and leave Calvin in Alberta, and the next day would be spent trying to fix the truck. To top it all off, there was no water in our house. When it rains it pours I guess. In the end, someone (no one is saying who though) left a light on in the truck, and only a little diesel left in the truck. Finally, I could get to Saskatchewan....the next morning. I packed up the dogs, the ducks, my cats, the large dog kennels and made it to Saskatchewan. The following day we set up the kennels (outdoor runs) and looked at the new pups (June the border collie had 6 pups), as well, I castrated a horse, and moved some sheep. After I had moved the sheep with the trailer, I had parked it by the large liner, and misjudged the turn and took out a light on the trailer. Oh well, no worse than when Chris the next day backed the truck into a power pole. Yes, 21 sections of open land, and he backs into a pole. Perhaps glasses are in order.
The next morning, Chris took me to the airport in Regina and I made my trip down to South Dakota for Jaimie Spring's trial. I have counted my trips this year, and by the time I get home, I will have been up in the air this year 11 times...maybe I should get a frequent flyer card or something. After Jaimie's trial, the crew will go to Laura Hick's for her trial on the reserve. Indian summer has hit, and it will be in the 90's this weekend. I do believe cold beer is in order. When I get back to Saskatchewan, Chris will take me, Gin, Creed, Floss and Syd to Chris Jobe's, and we will trek it to Holly Brunner in BC for her trial for the Thanksgiving weekend for her trial. No rest for the wicked....but I didn't think I was that wicked!!


  1. Oh are that wicked! ;-) See you next weekend at Holly's!

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