Saturday, September 3, 2011

Okay, I Am Tired Of Humble Pie

Let's see, Shaunavon, Maple Creek, the Canadians and now Soldier Hollow...all a bust for Gin and me. Sure makes one want to jump on a plane next week and compete in the Worlds that is for sure. Perhaps jumping out of the plane is more my my frame of mind. Possibly it is the pixie dust I have...expired last year at Virginia. I think a bunch of it got in Gin's ears today....Stop, what is stop? Come Bye? Never heard of that before. I am chalking it up to her being in to have some excuse. At least she did not cross over, have to look at something promising. Creed went out and found his sheep with some redirects from me, and he tried, so that is all I can ask from him. He does get another run tomorrow...but there is no horse shoe big enough in the world to help him get into the double lift. Good news is that there is complimentary beer for the handlers...high class! I understand why it is there...for those of us who want to drown our sorrows. Sorry Soldier Hollow, there is not enough beer in the world to drown these sorrows.

However, one shining lining in the clouds, the Canadians are really doing well. Scott Glen and Maid, Jenny Glen and Lad, Amanda Milliken and Rozz, and Denis Gellings and Jan are in the finals right now, with more good Canadian dogs to run tomorrow to hopefully get in. I will be there with my pompoms cheering them on. After all, that is what it is all about, cheering on those who do well, right?

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