Sunday, September 4, 2011

Soldier Hollow - The End For Some With A Bang

Well it was a great experience...certainly hope I can get invited again soon! The crowds of people, the atmosphere, the field...all fabulous. I was talked off of the ledge due to our poor showing, but that is the way it is. I recognize the error of my ways, and possibly by the time we are over the pond in the late week the ducks will be in a row when we run at the Worlds.
As it stands, I was pretty proud of Creed, he got to the top today without a lot of whistling. I lied him down (but actually I think he was taking a dump in the tall grass, and I didn't want the judge to know), then I slowly walked him up. Then BANG, the sheep exploded (they must have got bit by a wasp, couldn't have been Creed) and they came screaming down (or was that me). Straight lines, why can't we be artistic with our runs? We got the sheep turned at the pen, and Fast Edna made a break and leaped over the exhaust gate, and with that our run was done. Exhilarating! Short but sweet. Go big or go home. Guess I am going home.

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