Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hold My Beer Tour..Chapter One

Well it feels like more than two weeks ago that the Shaunavon trial was on. Host Jaimie VanRyn pulled off yet another great trial with the support of the community.

In Saskatchewan small towns, if you make it big, your name goes up in lights, or plywood.

Triallers were of all ages, Joey and Joy came out again to compete in the Novice.

Hannah brought "her" dog Gin and ran her as well. She had told me she had taught Gin not to listen...she has done quite a fine job at that.

A stand was available so that we could see out on the field.

The old standbys were there. George and Kate, and ran for the two days before he had to go pick up his expectant wife Claudia from the airport in Calgary.

George showed us how to do it right, and ended up winning the overall.

Louanne and Meg looking up the field.

Louanne's midget border collie, Joe.

The Peanut Gallery.

Towards the end of the trial, a mini tornado came up during Jaimie's run, and a tent chased Max as he was doing the drive.
Ian Zoerb helped my nephews and neice pick up the carnage.
Faansi, as well as judging the trial, was the official photographer of the trial. Do not hire him, he cuts heads off of photos.
This was all I got out of the trial, thanks to Jaimie and her thoughtfulness.
This is proof that Gin can shed, and after we left Shaunavon, we all packed up to head for the Maple Creek Classic. As memory serves me correctly, I was hopeful of good things to come.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Hold My Beer Tour Experience.

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