Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Hold My Lager Tour Comes To A Close

So the trip to England was a success for some, not so for others. My success was that I was able to do the roundabouts eventually without other motorists flipping me the royal bird or honking at me. Gin did well in my mind, she did as she was told and she all whistles, even to the ones not blown by me. I still have no doubt that she could have done that double lift, so no worries, Gin won't be that old in three years (okay, she will be turning 11), and there should be another dog ready to run as well, so....World's look out! The Lager Tour will occur once again!!

So after the trial was over, and everyone took their prizes home (congrats to everyone who were in the finals and to the big weiners), I took Penny Caster, who was my designated groupie for the tour to the train, and then went to Yorkshire again to see a dog. Once again, no dog sale could be done, and then made may way that afternoon to Wales....yes, this little car I rented has not cooled down at all. I did travel all night long to get to Calvin Jones, since he was going to be placed on the plane the next day to get to Canada for a clinic. I rolled into Amanford about 7 am, and didn't meet up with Calvin until 10 am. The day was spent getting Calvin ready for his trip, tending to his dogs and horses, driving over the mountain several times, and ended the day eating with his family at an Indian restaurant. Then we went back to his place, and he packed up and then we set out to Gatwick to get him to the plane for his 9 am flight. Once again, an all nighter was done, and we got to the airport in time. I then turned around and drove to Devon to see the family I had stayed with 22 years ago for an agricultural exchange program. I got to the area by 1 o'clock, and then it took another couple of hours to find the farm again...things change I suppose, but what did help me is to find that pub I knew very well years ago and then the memories all came flooding back, and I found Hayne Farm and the Kittows. It was a very short trip, and should have banked a few more days with my English family, but quality time was spent. Calves were fed, cows were milked, a walk with the dogs were done, a trip to Wellington was done (to get a fit to fly certificate for Gin, and by God, they better ask for it), a horse was checked for a lump, the cows were brought from the field (with Gin's help), visiting with all the family and friends were done, and beer was drank....and this was done in a mere 36 hours. Off I and Gin will be to the airport by 7am for our 1 pm flight, hopefully I will find the right road to get onto the highway...if Canada doesn't see me and Gin by 3 pm tomorrow, we may be still in Devon trying to find our way out of the country lanes.

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