Thursday, November 3, 2011

An End To An Era

So this morning I left the clinic I had called my second home for 4 years. If people can wake up in the morning, and find themselves not minding going to work, it isn't really work, it is just a good way to spend your life.

So this blog is dedicated to those workmates.

Theresa R - the Techceptionist - able to keep the vets in line (Oh, and by the way Theresa can you attach that file - no just kidding). Thank you for the Coronation Street memorabilia book, I can't wait to sit down with it.

Erin - the Clipper Nazi who left me a bottle of Hemostam - the drug which will cure anything. Mankota will have nothing to worry about.

Amy - the computer guru...and apparently shot guru (porn stars do not taste good, there is a sour aftertaste to them -fuzzy navels, I could get used to them) .

Carolein - the mobile ladder - who will I ask to get the bottles from the top shelf now?

Rosie - the calm, nothing gets her rattled tech. Able to find a vein in even the worst leg.

Wendy-the whirlwind - able to complete any job in front of her. Cut down on the coffee :)

Rae - the person who does everything with a smile - that is because she is imagining evil things to do.

Kristen- the quiet one who can pull a quick one on you - I hope you didn't fill your Depends when I got you to help me put away the dead body (aka Shawna - see below - you can fill in the blanks).

Shawna - the golfing buddy and prankster and Saskatchewan Roughrider's number 2 fan (I saw a licence plate saying they were number 1)

The vets - Theresa, Katie and Kim - have fun and don't sweat the small stuff. Hell, don't sweat the big stuff either.
And from the pet store side....

...Judy (and her husband Al), it has truly been a pleasure.

Fiona - the boss vet. Thank goodness your a nice individual - throughout the years, everyone thought I was Fiona, and I couldn't think how hard it would have been if they had thought she was a terrible lady and mistook me for her.

John (the other boss vet) - I will send this blog as a memo to you. Please sign it when you receive it.

Hopefully we will see each other in the not too long future!

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