Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Should Have Stuck To The Tea

***Note-names have been changed to protect the innocent.

After leaving Penny Casters, I made my way back to Beiseker to start the packing job. I succeeded in hauling a Dora (the Explorer) load of clothes to the Salvation Army - there will be a large selection of clothing that has shoulder pads in the Airdrie Salvation Army now. When I left last night, it sure didn't look as if I had made a dent in the packing department, but I did manage to go through the drawers of a desk or two. It is amazing what you keep over the years. I found that I had the habit of keeping letters - pre-email days. I guess I didn't have to be reminded that I was 25 years old about 20 years ago, and the well wishes of a long and happy marriage have been occurring. I should have kept those love letters though - but they are in the burning barrel (of love) now.
I packed as much into Dora (that would include 17 dogs, okay 14 of them are pups), and made my way out east. I stopped by about half way, and popped in to Doris's*. Doris's * housemate Delila* was about to have a cup of tea and go to bed, but a bottle of Crown Royal was consumed instead. As the night progressed, this was brought out.....
....and now you know why names have been changed. I had smelled it as a teenager, and never had smoked it in the past. I am not sure if pot gets better with age, as wine does, but this 20 year old pot went back into the closet to age further.
In the morning, Delila* said, "I should have stuck to the tea."
I couldn't agree with her more.

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