Monday, November 7, 2011

My Nomadic Ways

After I finished in Wetaskawin, I packed up the dogs (in which increased exponentially since Gin decided to have 9 pups during that night), and headed off to Lloyminster for their arena trial. I had originally entered both Floss and Gin in the competition, and gave Gin the decision to do it if she liked. Well, really, it was like asking a duck if it liked water. In the end, I didn't get either dog in the finals, but it was close. On the way out of Lloydminster, I stopped to have dinner with the big weiners (Thad Buckler and Jerry Kubatoff) and then stayed overnight in Vagreville - the home of the big Easter Egg (of which I don't have a picture - sorry).

My next journey was off to Mayerthorpe to judge the ASDA finals - but what was I to do in the meantime. A moment of a-ha, and I contacted Lisa Wright - and off to Athabasca my gypsy caravan was to go.

I got up to Lisa's with minimal problems (okay, a quick phone call was made to clarify some directions) and we waited for Princess Louanne Twa to come up that afternoon. We did a little dog training, and then it was Girls Night Out (or Girls Night In more appropriately).

I really do wish I had some pictures from that night - let your imagination fill in the pictures. Wine bottles, a big screen TV, and a good movie. The movie took 4 hours to watch, and Louanne did not like the feel of eggs in her mouth the next day. Yes, a successful evening was had.

The next day was going to be dog training day.

Bill Shields was there...
...and his wife Naomi.

They are still in the early stages of training together. It is a well known fact that training with their spouses do not last for long-we'll listen from advice from other people, but definitely not from our spouses. Just ask me.

Lisa worked on a dog named Finn who was owned by Jen - hopefully one day Jen will come to the dark side and join the border collie world.

Louanne was able to get her sorry carcass out of bed and at least watch the training. Notice the dark sunglasses.

It was a nice day to spend outside with the dogs and put them through their paces.

The next day was our trip to Mayerthorpe for the ASDA finals. It was warmer outside than it was inside. It helped me keep me awake.

I had a bird's eye view to judge the trial. By this time, Louanne could whistle without her head exploding - the longest hangover ever in the history of dog trialing.

Some people hogged the heat sources.

Warming the cockles of your heart. And your toes as well.

After the trial was over (congrats to Carol Nelson and Jess for winning, my postal address is Box 39, McCord, Saskatchewan if you want to send me the bribery check that was agreed upon), I went back to Lisa to check on the new mom and mom to be.

Travis (Lisa's better half) stayed behind and kindly watched my dogs for me.

Gin watched her clan quite well.

We brought Floss in as well, waiting for her pups.

In the end, Floss did not have any pups overnight - perhaps a bumpy ride will be in order for her to have pups. A trip to Edmonton to judge Farm Fair is to be done, and the gypsy caravan will be packed with the dogs to stay at Penny Caster for the trials' duration.

The bed and breakfast at Lisa's and Travis's come highly recommended.

Five stars out of five.

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