Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Think I Have Paxton Hicks

Paxton Valley was the last field trial in 2011 for us. I took Gin and Floss (leaving Creed behind since I gave him to Chris) and brought Syd (who was going to go off to Pennsylvania) and Lynn (who just came along for the ride).

I drove out with Christine Jobe. We stopped midway in our trip, when mother nature was yelling at us.

This was the view out of the outhouse - the blue reminds me of my face as I held my breath to answer mother nature's call.

We got to Holly's trial field, and Bambi stopped for a portrait.

The Paxton Valley Trial was attended by the die hards of the sport. Last trial of the season, winter can be long when it comes to field trials.

Lisa Wright in her fashionable outerwear running Kate.

Corey Perry was the illustrious judge.

Jerry was out with the illustrious Jed.

The Alberta contingency got together, being Thanksgiving, and we gathered and gave thanks.

We filled ourselves with gouda. Very gouda cheese.

Some of us bitched...

...and wined.

We relaxed and had our thanksgiving dinner - Jerry's Sloup (a cross between soup and stew).

Then we had our dessert - pumpkin pie.

Not gluten free - but it can be worked around.

A gouda time was had by all.

Don't let it fool you, Louanne was not drinking tea, she was drinking fermented grape juice. This was to take her mind off of Meg, who had decided to eat 3 pounds of rocks. A bountiful harvest.

We all felt whipped at the end of the day.

And then we whipped out of the trial after it was done.

Yet another fun time was had, with good friends and good dogs.

It was a gouda time.

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