Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hear Me Roar

For those tuning in, you must read yesterday's blog to understand. I woke up with a slight humming in my head - it turned out to be Chris snoring beside me - sounded like a bulldozer needing a tuneup. A slight throbbing in the head reminded me of the episode with the gun, and I wondered if Gin could hear this morning. The dogs were taken for a quick walk - and as this was done, I did some hearing tests only my dogs could understand. "Where's the stick?" This comment brought a slight head tilt - good progress. "Gin, bring the stick back", and she didn't bring it back. This was normal for her not to bring it back, so I didn't panic that much. Gin definitely seemed more like herself, but the real test would be going back on the sheep. I tested the other dogs ears, and have found some of them failed - most notably Becca and Fly (the younger)-however, in my experience, I have always found that between 4-6 months of age, most dogs will lose their hearing.
The dogs were put away, and Gin was brought to the sheep - now the real test was about to start. "Come Bye!" Gin took the command briskly. "Lie Down." She lied down. A few more commands were given, and 90 percent of them were taken without giving me the impression that she didn't hear. I could tell she wasn't 100%, there were a few moments when she looked at me as if to say,"Quit mumbling already!" - but the improvement from yesterday was definitely there.
I hope Gin will hear as well as before, time will tell if she will be hear from far distances - that bridge won't be crossed for awhile.
At the beginning of this month it roared in like a lion - yesterday there was screaming like a hyena - by the end of the month hopefully it will be the whispering pines.

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