Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sommer Time

Well, this past weekend was a trip up to Bev and Norm Sommer in Pleasantdale, Saskatchewan. Before I went, I had to become legal, and finally got my official license plate for Saskatchewan - 903 I'm Generally Right.
The trailer and Dora were loaded with dogs, and myself and 10 hounds made our way up to Sommer's, to train some dogs and to count another wrinkle in Bev to add to her years on earth.
As I travelled north, there was more evidence of actually a winter of 2012 - Muck Boots were going to be the footwear of the weekend. The Schwehr's came over as well, and we all did some training.
The Sommer hospitality would give the Rimada a run for their money.
I wondered if Mitch would be ready for nursery this year since Norm's nursery dog Mirk looked much farther ahead in training. I will have to pull up some britches and work harder-perhaps Norm's secret is his training aid - the Normanator. This article can be found on the Saskatatchewan Stock Dog Association website.
As you can see, Mirk respected the Normanator greatly.
We finished off the evening going out for Bev's birthday, and conversation and laughter ensued. Colleen Schwehr had told us earlier that she was trying to get out of a trip to China - since she did not want to travel 12 hours on a plane. It would be a quick four day shopping trip. Yup, four days total. There was also talk of our bucket lists - things we wanted to do before we died. Colleen's number one thing to do on her list was to travel to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. She will probably want to stay three weeks there.
A quick sleep was had, and breakfast of champions was eaten (left over cheesecake) and I brought back some extra cargo.
Fiona the Fuzzy and Pete the Sleek.
The Welcome Wagon came to introduce themselves.
Fiona acknowledged her neighbors.
Pete was more worried about getting a square meal.
Jenny seemed put out about the whole thing. Do not worry Jenny, your job as head guardian is still in existence. Job security exists.
Around here we hire young and retire old.

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