Saturday, March 10, 2012

They Must Be Talking About Us Alot

The weekend started out quite nice, the songbirds were singing their hearts out, announcing the arrival of spring no doubt, as was the flock of Canadian Geese yodelling along their flight path - which seemed to be in the direction of Regina - look out golf courses, they are on their way! I walked the dogs, and tried to take some pictures of the youngsters - all of which had someone dragging somebody by the collar - I imagine photo editing will have to occur. We filled the bale feeders for the calves and the sheep, and then I was going to help Chris move some heifers down the road. I decided that it would be the duo team of Gin and Floss that would get the cattle workout. We got the heifers into the yard and we sorted off the cows that were with them to go to a different field-we had to move these cows through the sheep pen, and Gin moved both the cows and the sheep - heeling the cows, and nudging the lambs when asked-keeping both groups separated at all times. I thought I had a pretty special dog at this point. It was about this time when there was the singing of another kind that erupted - and they were close. Wiley Coyote and his friend was in the field close to us, and Chris (the great marksman that he is) went to get the shotgun. I watched the two coyotes as they meandered closer to my corral of sheep. Knowing how coyotes seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to guns, I took Gin to the corral, and started moving the sheep around with her, so the two wouldn't be suspicious. Chris got back to the corral, aimed his rifle, and with a big KABOOM, shot at the coyotes...well, in the general direction that is. With that shot, the singing of the birds stopped, and in it's place was the ringing in my ears. A couple of more shots were taken, and the coyotes bounded away - perhaps next time we may throw an anvil instead - seemed to have worked for the Roadrunner. With this interlude done, we went back to the heifers to move them, and brought Gin and Floss to get them started out. Then my heart plummeted. Gin couldn't hear. Even with standing right next to her, she would not take any commands, wouldn't even acknowledge her name. That shotgun blast scared away the coyotes and also took away my good dog's hearing. I am hoping it is only temporary, and that there is not any long term damage, I so wanted to take her to some major trials this year, including the Canadians and the USBCHA Finals. Unfortunately one cannot turn back the clock, mostly because we are in Saskatchewan and we don't change the time here like the rest of the country. I guess time will tell, but in the meantime, please people, stop talking about us now, the ringing in our ears are deafening!

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