Friday, March 2, 2012

Don't Turn Your Back

I would have to say we have pretty well behaved dogs....most of the time. Once in awhile, there seems to be a few, that with their combined intelligence, figure on ways to make my blood pressure skyrocket. One way to increase the old heart rate, is to find that there is suddenly a few less dogs in the yard, and those dogs have found something to bug - albeit horses, sheep or cattle. Not sure what has gotten into them, but sometimes it is the older dogs, who should know better. Floss and Lyn has got it into their minds that when I am out of their sight, it is fair game to go down to the yearlings and raise havoc. I could hear their wheels in their minds this morning, and I was on guard. I had my eye on them when I was cleaning their runs out, talking to them, reminding that they should stay close. I bent down, chipping away the last frozen turds out of a run and then soon realized I was only talking to Fly - and she wasn't hearing me since she is on the deaf side of things. The young ones (Becca and Fly II), Jill and Gin hadn't taken off, so I quickly kenneled them up before they wondered where everyone had gone to. "Creed, Mitch, Floss, Lynn, Cap! Get your butts back here!", I nicely called out to them (and if you believe that, you are gullible). Creed came back, along with the two client dogs, Dozer and Sue, "Good dogs, back in the run you go." "CLIFF, WILLY, GET BACK HERE!!" Yes, the Jack Russells were having fun as well, and I could tell, since they were barking with such excitement. Funny how well their recalls are when they can see me. Lynn, Cap, Floss and Mitch came back, very proud of themselves after rounding about 20 heifers in a group - Cliff and Willy had their tails tucked, probably hoping to prevent a boot from being stuck up their behind. They were all put back into their runs, and then I went merrily off to work - cutting a cow's head off for a brain sample - to test for B.S.E. Yes, there was a case of Mad Cow found in McCord, Saskatchewan on March 2, 2012 - it was me!


  1. Aww - good to hear the Donnie pup was one of the good ones!

  2. Give her time....give her time.

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