Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Once In Four Years

Well today, being a special day seeing it only once every four years, became extra special. Another nephew was born into the family - increasing his family to a whopping seven kids. (Please Carol, I have seen enough of 19 Kids and Counting, please don't follow in her tracks). That would make a grand number of 30 nieces and nephews between Chris and I. I have made some rules over the years relating to gifts, 1. no birthday gifts, since I forget the dates all of the time, (although February 29th would make it easy to remember) and 2. Christmas gifts until they graduate from school. When I was growing up, we were the three last of the youngest nephews and nieces of either of my mom or dad's families-we had no cousins really to play with, as they were much older than us. But as I grew up, I remember my Auntie Grace (Dad's sister), she was the aunt who bought us Christmas gifts and brought us gifts back when she went on trips. Not that I expected the other aunts and uncles to do the same, but looking back on it now, it is one of the fond memories I had growing up. So, I suppose it is a tradition in my mind - Auntie Wendy getting a little something at Christmas, and during trips from far away places for the nieces and nephews. I am not sure if they appreciate it now, but maybe 30 years from now they might.
So for the newest member of the Sinclair Family - be prepared to get 18 years (or would that be 4 1/2 years) worth of little gifts - they may not be worth much, but maybe in the future you may thing they were priceless. I will try to remember to take the price tag off.


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