Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Was It Something I Said

Another weekend was spent at Randy and Val Dye's and the dogs were put through their paces. It was supposed to be a dog party, but the snow gods were out, dumping quite a bit of snow on the roads. I still had to travel on them since I had to work at a small clinic in the country on Saturday morning. I headed off to the Dye residence after I was done work, dying to get there without slipping off of the roads, and found out the party would only be myself and Randy with the dogs. You think a little snow will stop me - hell no! Mitch seemed to finally figure out what the inside flank was about, and a customer dog I had brought with me was put on the sheep as well. Dozer is his name, dozing is not his game. I may have to buy a new pair of running shoes for this fellow. A quick sleep at the Do Drop Inn, and I made my way back to the old homestead to fill Dora and the dog trailer with my worldly items (mostly found at garage sales) to make my way back to the ponderosa. I do believe I can say I have the kitchen moved to McCord, Saskatchewan! I took it one piece at a time, and it cost me more than a dime (thank you Johnny Cash). I wanted to get back, so in my wisdom, I decided to drive back Sunday night to McCord - and on my way back I picked up Sue, the border collie who was going to stay for classes. I got back by 7 am on Monday (quick cat naps were had along the way), and unpacked the dogs as well as the new kitty cat named Eldon - to the dismay of the resident cats - one which has since tried to start drinking since it has found the liqour cabinet as a great spot to get into-perhaps she was looking for Sour Puss, or Cat Pee In The Bush - a nice wine that would go with fish. Uneventful was the day, but that would all change the next day. It started by finding out Sue's middle name was Houdini - since she had escaped from her run with it still being locked. Great, one day with a customer dog and she was gone! I travelled around the country, trying to find tracks, but it was as if she was gone from thin air. Neighbors were called, hoping that someone would see her. I had to build up my courage to phone the owner, and then decided it would be done in the evening. The day went along, some lambs were neutered, and some dogs were tutored. Then came the call, luckily it was the call from a neighbor. He was out driving and noticed a dog - he stopped the truck, called out "Sue", and she bounded into the seat. I guess 12 miles on the lam was far enough. She now is in the run deemed as the Alcatraz Run. There is to be no bail. Sorry Sue, that is what I have to do.


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