Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breaking The Law

Now I view myself as a law abiding citizen, and try my best to live within the laws. I will say my halo is tarnished when it comes to speeding, perhaps the low carb way of life will help my heavy foot in time. I will have to be careful, or my halo will totally destroyed with what I have found out at the bottle depot today. Apparently each province has their own bottle deposit program, and didn't think much of it today until I saw a sign on the wall - $50,000 fine for knowingly depositing a bottle brought in from another province in Alberta...$500,000 fine for a corporation! Yikes...I brought a few milk jugs from the new place and deposited them in Alberta..yikes, some of those bottles were from Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the United States. I wonder if Al Capone broke out in a sweat when he was bringing liquor over during the prohibition -I may have to put an extra coat on of Degree on when I travel back from Alberta drinking my bottle of Coke Zero bought in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. I certainly hope I am not going to be seen on an upcoming episode of COPS, I would break down (cry into my contraband Budweiser bottle) and confess my sins if they came in and inspected my recycling bin - bottles from Saskatchewan, B.C., and the United States, jugs from Saskatchewan, cans from the States (don't try put a Coors can in the recycling, they will notice that right away). I may have to go on the lam. I would be found and put in jail...then I would have to get a tattoo. Maybe we will start milking our cow - I am not fond of tattoos.

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