Friday, February 17, 2012

Itching To Get Back

I have been away at work for a month now, and even though I have spent each weekend wisely (and yes, training dogs make you wiser beyond your years - I am feeling 104 now), I am looking forward in getting back to Saskatchewan - albeit just for the Family Day weekend. The plan is to drive quickly (well, not too quickly, I can't really afford the speeding tickets) back to Beiseker, and pack up a few more household items - there does seem to be a dent put into the whole moving thing. By the time I get things stacked in Dora the Explorer, I should have my whole kitchen en route to Saskatchewan (minus the fridge, stove and kitchen table and chairs -wonder how good the rack is on top of Dora?).
It will be a short trip, enough time to unload the stuff, hopefully getting over to Jamie Van Ryan's for a day of dog training (it is the weekend you know, and we can use it to celebrate Chris's birthday as well - killing two birds with one stone is my mandate in life), hitching up the dog trailer (some new pups are finding homes, and want to take a few young dogs again for a visit to Randy Dye's the next weekend) and return to Alberta for a final week of work.
I thought the Saskatchewan move was going to give me a slower pace of life - in the time I have been there, I have gotten myself on a couple of boards, convinced myself to put a trial on, taken a few outside dogs to train, made some pies for a community supper and pimped Dora as a moving van .
I don't think I will have a midlife crisis this year, there is no time for one!

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