Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Fiasco

When I got home this weekend to Saskatchewan, there was a plan to have a surprise birthday party for Chris on the Sunday at Jamie Van Ryan's place. I was looking forward to it until Chris said he wouldn't be going since he had too much to do, but told me I could go, and then leave for Alberta from Jamie's. Instantly I was in a foul mood (yes, occasionally I do get perturbed) - I thought we were supposed to spend a day together, and since I had driven 7 hours, would that be much to expect from your husband? Apparently it was. Well, eventually I blurted out that all I wanted to do was spend a day with him, and there was a surprise party that had been planned. In the end it was decided I would stay and we would take some sheep to a field for training. Okay, not a bad plan. We loaded up some sheep and went to a field. I wasn't watching what happened, but heard some yelling and before I know it, Chris and his dog was walking after one of the ewe-lambs - I think she was going to Regina. I quickly brought out Floss, and gathered the remaining girls before they hightailed it out of there. There was a moment I bent down to Floss to explain the difference between come bye and away to me, and when I looked up, there was the girls, making an exit towards Saskatoon. The direction they went led them into knee high grass, and they blended in quite well, so well, that I had thought they had disappeared. I must remember next time to bring the Scotties, so at least we can see their black heads. A quick jaunt in their direction of travel, and I spotted them (finally) when they were about 100 yards in front of me. Floss gathered them up and we proceeded to do some remedial classes. As it went along, the girls (Targhee/Columbian cross ewe lambs) got very heavy, and Floss decided she had to grip one to get things moving....big mistake. That ewe split off, and went off about 50 yards before Floss let her go, and the ewe looked back at her friends. Now, in sheep handling 101, all you have to do is bring the flock to the singleton, and all should be good. Unfortunately, this was not to happen. The remaining girls still didn't want to move, and the single ewe had gotten a second wind, and she headed off to Regina as well. Back into the tall grass and over the hill she went. By the time I got over the hill, I saw absolutely nothing. Vanished into thin air. In the distance I did see Chris walking back, with only a dog in tow. This turned out to be a great afternoon after all! We loaded what was left of the sheep, and made our way back home - where luckily we found one lone girl out in a stubble field. We drove around her, quickly jumped the sheep out, and I was in the process of taking them to her when she looked up, and then went towards Swift Current. Chris jumped back into the truck, and followed her about 400 yards away, and he and June got her in the trailer. Never did see the other renegade - I hope Wiley Coyote enjoyed her.
Happy Birthday Chris -perhaps we can do a repeat of this when it comes to my birthday. No, just kidding.

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