Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Weekend Gone To The Dogs

When one is involved in dogs, you are also involved in the politics in the dogs. This weekend was the AGM of the Alberta Stockdog Association. Before the meeting, I stopped in at Louanne Twa's place and did a short training sesson on Mitch, poked Flint McPukey (owned by Lisa Wright - and maybe he is pukey because of his raw diet) with his vaccine and then had coffee at Randy Dye's prior to the meeting. I rode up with Randy and Don Grant and finally learned what LMFAO meant on texts - all this time I thought it was Fat - as in Let's Make Fat Alberta Offal - still doesn't make sense to me. Talking about offal - I think it was served at the restaurant where we had the meeting. And it was awful! Don't touch the ranch dressing, you may regret it.

After the meeting, some of us (Naomi Shields, Abe Marshall, and Don and Nelda Grant) went back to Randy and Val's place and had hamburger soup (which wasn't offal), drank some chocolate wine (which certainly wasn't awful) and trained a few dogs. Naomi made sure the babysitter (her husband Bill) was okay, since she was going to stay the night.

In the morning - we did a little more training on the dogs out in the field

We critiqued each other - some to the point of crying (sorry Randy, I will bring tissue for you next time.)Even the dogs critiqued one another.Mitch may even see the trial field with whistles on him -but I will wait for the invariable brick wall in training that is alway hit when things go well. After Randy's, I stopped at my friend's Penny place for a quick visit, and finally got back to Nanton to work yet again. On my way back, I discovered I misplaced my whistle, and I knew I had it in Randy's field. A quick text (without LMFAO), and Randy replied he would look for it. Getting ready for bed that night, I found the whistle - around my neck. Good thing my head is attached or I would lose that as well.

Plans are in the making to visit The Do Drop Inn again in a couple of weeks. I'll be sure to bring the tissue.


  1. the raw feeders are going to find out I vaccinate. They won't want to be my friend either! I can't win. ;-)