Monday, March 4, 2013

Burning Questions

Everyday, there are questions of life, such as "What will I wear today?", and "Did I turn off the stove?" and "Will there will be fries with that?" (not asked that frequently in McCord, Saskatchewan.)
Some questions are truly a matter of life and death, as in, "Are you allergic to anything?" or, "Did you get enough beer?". Other questions act as an opener in a conversation, such as "Nice weather, isn't it?",  "How about those Roughriders?", or "How fast WAS I going Officer?"
Then there are rhetorical questions - questions that need no answer, like, "Are you really that stupid?", "Are you for real?", and "Do you think I like cleaning up after you every day?" (mostly these are questions asked between spouses all over the world).
There are life changing questions, for instance, "Will you marry me?" and "You forgot to take your birth control pill?!?!"
Over time there have been questions that have taken many years to answer.  Such questions include, "Where did the Titanic go down?", "Why did the dinosaurs die?" and "Where did you leave the car keys?"
Then there are those burning questions - questions that will likely never be answered.  Like,  "Where is the Holy Grail?", "How do they get the caramel in the Caramel chocolate?" and "Is Tim McGraw bald?" (Go ahead, search it on the internet - I did - can't find one picture of him without his hat.)
Now for an important question.
Don't you have anything else better to do than to read this blog?
Well good then!

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  1. I have asked that Tim McGraw question too. He does have hair in some movies (Friday Night Lights) but it kinda looks like a Toupe