Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's Spring Into This.

Ah, you thought, as I did, we would have spring right now.  Mother Nature has other plans though.  I think she has a cold, blowing her nose all the time.  Someone give her some Claritin and clear her sinuses up already. 
I was hoping that the first photo I would do of spring would show spring like qualities - alas, we are stuck in a rut (until it melts). So this month's barn picture still shows snow.
Caption - I Am Feeling Kind Of Weather Beaten.
With all the wind and snow that has been going around - I am starting to feel like this old barn-I am definitely feeling beaten by the weather.
Perhaps spring is around the corner, just not sure which corner exactly.  But when you find that corner -  look both ways when you cross it - since you still might get hit by a busload of snow.

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