Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Week Just Gets Better And Better

Pot stirrers unite! 
There really must be an underground club, much like dog fighting that brings these type of people together-just to watch the pain put onto others.  Perhaps the SPCA should be called out on them.  What they have common is a little mind, a huge big gob, and a very small heart. At least the Grinch changed - but I sure don't hold much hope for some of these morons.  In every walk of life there is someone you know who loves to be the center of attention, loves to tell stories, and loves to watch the fallout from those stories - often with no truth behind it.  They tell stories about individuals even without talking to those involved, and those stories are full of holes.  A poor newpaper reporter they would make.
Then there are the followers, who believe these stories like the chicken who thought the sky was falling. And like the chicken, they are too chicken to talk to that individual to find out the truth, but "fowl-mouthed" enough to keep the entertainment rolling.
In this storm of turmoil, because of the gossip, I was "relieved" of an impending judging assignment.  No explanation was given, even when one was asked for.  Let me tell you, I was not relieved - I was beyond hurt, I thought the sky had fallen. 
Even big wigs believed the stories, even when I had told them the truth of what happened- they too have pulled a plug.  The truth of the matter, the personal business in which all the stories have been about, is no one's business, and has no bearing on how I can judge, or how I can organize a trial. 
In the midst of all this, I have found a few good people - people who won't judge, people who will stand up for me, people who understand.  True friends.  Funny how these people also don't gossip.  Unfortunately, I do believe the membership of this club is quite low.
And for some of those big gobbed people, I sure wouldn't throw stones in the glass houses your living in.  You will step in a lot of glass.
In the midst of this, I mentioned that I sure didn't want to get famous this way - and by the amount of readers from the last blog, I can tell the gossip has gone far and wide and has peaked the interest of many. 
 I guess I am famous.
On the advice of one of my friends, I will hold my head high and trudge forward.  I have done nothing wrong... but I have been wronged.

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