Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Real Meaning Of Easter

Easter is upon us.  Easter means different things for different people.  For children, it is a break from school, coloring eggs and waiting for the Easter bunny.  I had wondered long where the Easter bunny came from - and Wikipedia came to my rescue.  The rabbit and the eggs represent the rising fertility of the earth during Easter - as I look outside here - yes there are some signs of fertility.

Heck, I even saw the promising signs of buds on the trees.  I guess the trees weren't told of the snow still on the ground.
Then there is the religious side of Easter, forty days of lent (this year I gave up housecleaning - very difficult to do, but I accomplished it), Good Friday (not sure why it would be good if you are crucified on a cross), and then Easter Monday when Jesus rises from the dead. 
Yes, this man died for our sins. 
As well as a carpenter, this man was a pretty good shepherd (wonder if he used a border collie),  could put out quite a buffet, and was a great babysitter since he loved all the children..
It was said he could walk on water as well. The heathens say it was ice.
So this Easter, when you are doing your celebrations - remember what we are really celebrating about. 

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