Thursday, May 27, 2010


Babysitters are often underrated. Around this place, a good babysitter is worth alot -she saves time and money.
This is Maggie the Milkcow. She came from a Hutterite colony. She didn't know what she was getting into when she walked onto our place.
When she landed in, she instantly became Mother Maggie.

Calf #842's own mother went tits up (literally - she rolled on her back and bloated).

Then there are the two other calves she looks after - Linus with the broken jaw and Lulu- the calf whose cow didn't claim her. (We will find you cow, and you will become hamburger!)

Of course, on the other side, is famous Grandma Gertie. In the week she has been here, I think she has packed on 30 pounds. She was the deal at a $1.00 at the Olds Auction Market.

Her job is to keep tabs on the bottle babies - which are growing quite nicely. One more bag of milk replacer, and that will be the end of feeding these voracious monsters. My teats have been worn out by these sucking machines. I will have to replace them for the next group.
We'll have to empty the freezer out in awhile - in a few months it will be full of lambchops and veal cutlets.
You didn't think they would be pets did you??

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