Friday, May 28, 2010

Sheep Tails

We have been lucky and have found a place where there is plenty of grass for my sheep. I had shorn the Scottish Blackface, and I still have to shear the new ones I had bought. (Truth be known, I have only shorn one sheep before, and that was a vet call - the problem was a ram who couldn't get up - after I removed 3.5 years of wool off of him, he bounded straight up - yes, I am a miracle worker!)

There are many benefits to having sheep. First, you don't have to use a lawn mower. Second, you don't have to buy sheep manure like many do to improve their soil - these guys do it naturally. Much better stepping in it rather than the steer manure.

There is a chain link fence which keeps all of the sheep in, and any coyotes out. They would have to scale the fence to get in. It is like the Kingston Penitentiary-however, there are no day passes granted here. If you use the gopher holes, you have a pretty fair golfcourse though.
This is the warden of the pen. I call her Jenny - not a very unique name, since she is a jenny.
She's a nice jackass - as jackasses go. Funny, someone said that about me the other day as well. I believe it was Chris that said it. Jackass.

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  1. Maybe Chris had a good reason to call you such a name!!