Tuesday, May 11, 2010

USBCHA Cattle Dog Finals - The Final Final Verse

Before we put the Cattle Dog Finals to rest, I wanted to share some of the trip. First it was going to Shawna and Doug Burton's to do a quick training session - this is the road up to their place west of Claresholm.
Then it was the trip down - it was snowing that day- lovely Alberta weather.

Then there was the lovely Montana weather.

This was looking off of Scott's Bluff - this was looking into Gering, Nebraska.

Then I thought I would test a panoramic view on my camera - this is looking towards Wyoming off of Scott's Bluff.

I have found that often when trialing, you don't stop and check out the country side -I am going to make it my mission this year to stop at the interesting stops through my travels.
Next trip is to Falkland, BC - we will see what Paxton Valley has to offer!

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