Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Paxton Valley Weekend

Jill Brodie and I loaded up and left for the Paxton Valley Sheep Dog Trial on Friday, and got to our destination ready for the next day (not without almost running out of gas - we got to Revelstoke with 3 litres of gas left-I think I may have added a few more grey hair on Jill's head). Being how the long weekend in May, it had decided to rainy and cold, but that didn't damper our spirits. We got to stay in a lovely little log cabin, in which we were it's first guests. The wood stove was toasty warm.

This is Lee Lumb running one of her nursery dogs. I had run Creed in the nursery, and was happy with him - he wouldn't take his flank the first day, so I walked off with him (after reminding him what a flank was) and then did better the next day. I was worried Fly was going to show her age, but she did well in my mind - was quite zippy in the shedding ring, so I think we can do another season. She got 81 on the first day, and 74 (without a shed) on the second day. Gin was - how you say - CRAP the first day - she ran through the bridle. I was able to set with her the second day, and that allowed me to have a better run on Sunday - 4th with a 85. The big winner was Carol Nelson and Jess. She had a 92 on Sunday, and that allowed her to get the top overall.

We headed off for home directly after the trial - and saw an antique shop. Well, I couldn't resist a deal, and ended up buying a rocking chair. Jill also bought some treasures, and packed the truck to the hilt. Unfortunately, that meant there was no room for Jill.

We strapped both Jill and the chair to the roof, and set out for home. The Beiseker Hillbillies were bound for Alberta.

We left the next morning from Armstrong - after buying my cheese with all my winnings (you cannot leave BC without buying cheese in my mind). The travel home was good until we passed Golden, BC. We ended up going 5-10 KM per hour for about 3 hours due to construction at Banff. Since there was the holidayers returning home, there was a very LOONNNGGG line of cars trying to merge. I had thought there was someone trying to go to a garage sale, but I was mistaken. It was a really fun weekend, and Holly and her crew did a great job. Now I am going to get ready to go to North Dakota to do the Slash J and the Big One trials. I gave cheese to Chris so he won't be too upset for my going away again.

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