Friday, May 7, 2010

USBCHA Finals - The Fat Lady Sings

La,La,La - well, the 2nd go-round is over. I was sitting 21st with Fly this morning, and was 12th up - I needed to have a really good run to get in.
As always, Fly was ready for the task at hand
Things started to go really well, had 2 total taken off of the outrun and lift, and they went through the fetch panels, and made them around the post - then the steer crap hit the fan.
There was one crankpot that decided to run for the hills, Fly did her best to keep everything in order...
but the steer had other ideas- it eventually ran off course, and I was left with 99 points - overall she ended up 27th - still quite proud what she did, she, like always, tried her best.

Gin was 2nd from the last to go today, so we knew we had to do a decent run, or we would be going home early.
The cattle all day were not happy - the wind was blowing 40KM plus in our face all day, and they wouldn't settle down.

Gin had a wide outrun (not sure what she was running to), but brought them in, right away I knew things weren't going to be pretty - had 1 steer which tried to ruin things. First it wouldn't go around the post, then it decided it may go for a very long 2nd drive. I was concerned, because I didn't have enough points to retire and get into the finals - but Gin was on her game, and she brought that beast back.

She got things collected, and we settled things down.

We got full points for the open chute...

and was able to get one into the pen.
In the end, we got 137 points, and with the 197 yesterday the total of 330 placed us 6th overall (YAH!!) The double lift will be on Sunday.
The top 2o include - Jimmy Walker, with three dogs (Jiggs, Angie and Mitch), Tony Stewart with 2 dogs (Lad and Cole), Norma Stewart with Lena, Anna Guthrie with Riddle, Bill Reed with Lad, Tim Gifford with two dogs (Josie and Tip, Dwight Parker with two dogs(Craig and Mike, Rick Strohl with Dusty, Gerald Bunney and Ladd, Rudy Starke and Rooster, Tom Forrester and Pete, Tim Naasz and Zoey, Juan Reyes and Zak, Lyle East and Spot and Gin and myself.
I am not sure about everyone else, but I have a severe taste for some Angus beef.

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  1. Way to go! We'll be watching the scores on Sunday but you've already done us proud!