Monday, June 28, 2010

The Duck Whisperer

I am sure you are all wondering if I found my ducks - no, I didn't. I do believe some coyote has a very full belly - I hope he chokes on the feathers, and gets the bills stuck in his gullet. I bought 4 more ducks, and now they are contained like the Calgary Remand Centre - minus the tattoos. I have found I have turned into the Duck Whisperer - (everyone say quietly now - you flocking duck, would you like to be Duck A'La Orange?) With the help of a dog pen, the birdbrains have learned to walk a plank and jump into a tub of water -and Gin has learned quite quickly that this is the routine they must follow as well. This past Saturday, I took the circus into Calgary to do a pre-Stampede breakfast. I loaded up the ducks, the water tub, dog crate, pen and tunnel for these upcoming stars and went in the night before and stayed at a friends. I told the crew to be very quiet, since I didn't want the bylaw officer coming by and calling foul. There was a small demo done in the yard to get the kinks worked out, and I felt ready for the next day. We got to the demo in the morning, and the girls were somewhat behaved - but I do believe stage fright hit them. Little kids wanted to pet the ducks, and they would have nothing to do with them. We managed to get the ducks to remember their routine, and they walked the plank and jumped into the water. I packed up the entourage, and took them back home. I do believe they were quite pleased with themselves, because they had a huge splash party when they were put back into the pen. I ended off the day with a glass of Baby Duck - very fitting.

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