Monday, June 28, 2010

Shedding Clinic

I wasn't able to go to Scott Glen's clinic this past weekend due to prior commitments, and it sounded like it was really good. Jill Brodie and I are at Norm and Bev Sommer's at Pleasantdale, Saskatchewan to help with a research project (will tell you more about it in the next few days). While we are here, we decided to do our own shedding clinic.
We had our sheep and dogs lined up to do the perfect shed.

Of course, you have to settle them down, or you can't shed them at all.

My border collie successfully shed off the marked sheep from the unmarked sheep.

And then my dog was able to drive his group away with great authoritative measures.
This dog has a ton of power!

The dog worked great until the two groups were successfully separated. The unmarked sheep went on their merry way.

and the marked sheep were marched off by my border collie straight into the pen
My first perfect international shed and pen!!

For your own flock of sheep and dog, phone 1-800-Toe Dogs. Drinking optional.
Norm Sommers even has his own flock of sheep and dog. Ask him to take his socks off! Make sure that is downwind though.

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  1. Very very funny, Wendy!! And I totally want my own toe-dogs! Too cool.