Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well, finally returned from the North Dakota Trials - Slash J and The Big One. I had made my way through Saskatchewan, stopped at my parents, played some cards, whipped my dad's butt (minor elder abuse), and then carried on to North Dakota.
I camped out at Jonie Swanke's, and did as much to help with the trial. Amanda Milliken also showed her prowess as a Eastern Cowboy, and set sheep several mornings with her dogs.

The Eastern Cowboy Hat is a highly fashionable accessory.

The sheep were tough - the first day, getting into the mid 60's would guarantee a payout. I was having a pretty good run with Fly, and getting things in order around the post, and the three amigos ran off and caused a disqualification - this sport is most humbling.

After the Slash J Trial was over, we travelled a few miles to The Big One. A 800 yard outrun, and out of the 62 dogs, there were probably 10 that couldn't find the sheep. The Nursery was about 500 yards, and was happy with my dogs - Creed had did a pretty good outrun, but then at the second panels, the sheep decided to head for the hills.

Renee LaBree did a good job hosting the trial - the first day was a little hairy for her - she had wanted to start at 6 am, but the sheep had different ideas - it took a couple of hours to get them to the setout pen and pen them. We got a 10 point pen with those girls.

And you never know what will happen at a trial. At the Big One, Mother Nature took a front seat.

Not sure what type of bird it was, but a ground nest was found near the handler's post. We put a chair close to it, so we could leave the family alone.

For the first day the parents were a little bit bothered by all the commotion, but by the end, she went on her duties and fed their little one.

It didn't take long and they carried on their daily duties, while we sat back and watched the dog trial.

The next trial we will be going to is Chris Jobe's trial - a nursery trial - then there is a couple of arena trials, and then the Triple Crown. We got home yesterday, and half expected Noah's Ark to be waiting for all the rain that has fallen. The prune look may be in this year.

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