Friday, June 4, 2010

Slash J Trial

Well, the final day of the Slash J Trial is over, and am contemplating on slashing my wrists. Actually, for the toughness of the sheep, and the big course, I cannot complain about my dogs. I will complain about my handling though - after all of these years, why would I mix up my flanks, and then swear at Fly for taking the wrong flank? Yes, as Beverly Lambert noted, it was quite a fetch that Fly had made - I was thinking in my head "Away to Me", my whistle in my mouth was going "Come By" and Fly was taking the whistle and wondering "What are you doing you fool" - she is probably going to have an advert for a new handler any day soon. Creed got to his sheep (about 350 yards), perfect outrun, and 3 off of his lift (I am smiling), but then I have found I do have to work on his flanks alot better - still I am happy with him. We didn't get any points this trial, but the Big One starts tomorrow - 800 yard outrun. I may have to buy some Depends for that one so I won't have an accident while blowing. Amanda Milliken and Clive won Day One and won Day Two with Roz - not a small feat - in the end, the sheep became maneaters and would attack the crowd after shedding, after getting to the post, really after no reason. I, however, had my sheep retardent with me - my Jack Russell Tessa (check the website) - she is 9 weeks old, but very mighty. Definitely will have to have her on my lap for the next trial!

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