Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back To School

Well, this weekend was the trek back to Saskatoon to write my SVMA exam so I can practice in Saskatchewan. First of all, I stopped in Regina to have a visit with my sister Sharon and her family (pictures will be soon) and my older sister Sandy and her other (ugly) half Ken (actually he looks like the curler Kevin Martin....I feel sorry for Kevin Martin that he looks like my brother-in-law). (Hey Ken, I won this end!) The World Curling Championships were on in Regina, and Sandy and Kevin Look-A-Like went to support the Canadian team. Not being a curling connoisseur, I learned about the hammer, rocks, ends and the hack (no, it is not if a hammer is used on the family jewels, it ends with a hacking cough - but close). In the end, Canada ruled the sport, and it was told that the spectator base for these top notch curlers were the best that the countries had ever seen. From the Norwegians crazy pants to the Americans signing women chests, I guess the week was a success. Sunday I left Regina to get to Saskatoon to complete the seminar and test I was to do. As I left, my sister Sharon reminded me not to speed on the way there. I was doing great, until I realized I was on the wrong highway and had gone 1/2 hour the wrong way. Obviously the 8 years of travelling that highway in my past did not stick very well. All went well, 140 km/hour got me there 1/2 an hour ahead of schedule. I found the old seat I used in old room 2115, and it was like I never left college...however, I was one of the oldest in the room of 20 somethings. I could feel myself nodding off....just like old times. We did our seminar, and then we started our 1/2 hour exam. Eight minutes later I was done, then I checked either side of the pages of the test, made sure I had enough pages, and then waited until everyone else finished. I have a fair feeling that I was successful today. On the way back, I went more the speed limit, and stayed on the correct road. I made certain that I did not pass the RCMP that was ahead of me (who was going about 125km/hour). I found out from good authority that Aggie Days went well, Corey Perry and Ben won it (and his Jill came in third), Bob Stephens and Brian Reed also finished well. Chris Jobe I was told didn't study very well, and failed to complete the course. Chris, anytime you want to be a study partner, call me up. I am all practiced up.

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